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Electric boating for the price of a diesel engine

Solartechnology is the UK distributor for an electric propulsion system called Hollex Electric Propulsion. Manufactured in the Netherlands by Exalto, the Hollex EP 4.0 kW, 7.5 kW and 10.0 kW motors directly drive the propeller shaft, without transmissions. The electric motors can easily replace diesel engines and are also very suitable for newly built boats. Exalto has been selling individual components for electric propulsion systems for years. Exalto's knowledge and experience enable it to supply a complete electric powertrain, from propeller to display, and gear the system entirely to your wishes. We recommend the right type of battery based on actual use, the available space for the batteries and weight distribution. Taking into account the weight of the vessel, the length of the water line and the rotational speed, we can also advise on the propeller shaft system and any adjustments that may be needed. The electric motors are highly suitable as propulsion motor for sloops, cabin boats and sailing boats or as hybrid solution alongside a diesel engine.

Benefits at a glance

A complete Hollex EP system is no more expensive than a diesel engine. This is the result of modern manufacturing
technologies, simple installation and limited maintenance.
The tried-and-tested robust technology and the simple installation guarantee reliability of your Hollex EP system. The standard 2-year warranty offers peace of mind.
The Hollex EP motors are as powerful as they are silent. These brushless electric motors directly drive the propeller shaft. Enjoy the silence and the clean air.
The Hollex EP motor is extremely efficient and helps you get the most out of your batteries. Using the right battery pack,
you can easily go boating all day long. 

Ready to use set for electric boating

Hollex EP system complete with:
• Hollex AC electric motor air-cooled, hood, corner and motor supports
• Unique 48 Volt motor controller with cooling element and housing
• 200 Ampere relay
• Operating lever for electric driveClamping ange on motor side
• Main switch
• Ignition lock
• Fuse holder with ANL fuse
• Lead-acid battery pack including 5-metre battery cable
• Standard battery monitor

Options and additional battery packs available.
You can download the leafet here. 


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