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VDO Siphon float for fuel 40-600 mm.

Item no. 226801015001G
The Viewline fuel gauge provides information about the fuel level in the tank. The gauge is equipped with a red warning LED as a standard. By connecting a makepoint swithc to the instrument, the warning LED can swithc on when he fuel level reaches a minimum level. For fule level measuring are two types of sensors available: the float sensor unit is mainly used in flat tanks with a limited height; seagoing vessels with a tanks height of maximum 1050 mm are advised to use a tubular sensor unit. The type of sensor decides which instrument should be ordered. The fuel gauge for a tubular sensor has to be adjusted to the sensor after installing the instrument. N.B: After the choice for a particular type of gauge is made, a different type of sensor cannot be used! The float sender unit has a resistance range of empty 0 - full 180 Ohm. The tubular sender unit has a resistance range of empty 60 - full 30 Ohm.