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TowForceOne FUNX1 Compact

Item no. FUNX1C
The TowForceOne Towbar FUN is a must have for wake, ski and tube. The TowForceOne towbar is available in four versions FUNX1 till FUNX4 which cover most outboards up to 350HP. The use of a towbar reduces the power needed to tow and has additional advantages: • reduced fuel consumption when towing • improved course stability • easier handling and manoeuvrability when towing . The TowForceOne towbar is made out of strong stainless steel. Every TowForceOne towbar comes complete with pre-assembled mountingbrackets, towbar, TowRoller and fasteners. Note: some outboards may need the compact version. The TowForceOne selector (www.towforceone.com) will be your guideline.