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SureSeal - Single Injection 35x60 mm

Item no. FSKM35M60M0
The Tides Marine SureSeals are suitable for water lubricated sterngear installations. This seal is made of high quality composite material, that is very durable and will not absorb water. The material handles temperature changes well. The SureSeals have high flexible bellows and come with a water inlet fitted as a standard. The seal can only be lubricated by the engine’s cooling water. The main advantage of the SureSeal is the easy installation. Installed at the same time as the SureSeal, special Carrier kits can be slipped onto te shaft. These units allow lip seal replacement to be performed without uncoupling the shaft from the transmission. And, if necessary, this replacement can be done while the vessel is in the water (a haul-out may not be necessary). See "Sure Seal spare kits" further on in this chapter. SureSeals are ABS and Lloyd’s approved. For larger diametres or imperial sizes, please contact our Sales department. Attention: The SureSeal is available for both single and twin engine installations. All SureSeals mentioned in the table below are suitable for single engine installations.