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Pulsarlube M / Vetsmeerapparaat 250 cc 3/8" BSP

Item no. KLT250/MAIN
This automatic greaser provides the perfect method of automated centralised lubrication. The greaser is so powerful that it allows larger distances between greaser and the actual lubrication point. Without any pressure lost, you can put the Pulsarlube greaser at a maximum distance of 10 meters. Loaded with 250cc of grease. The greaser lubricates 24 hours per day in six programmable dosages of half a month up to 12 months. Clearly readable LCD screen and perfectly programmable with large push buttons. Also available is a service pack that consists of a grease cup filled with 250cc PL-1 Multi purpose grease, a battery pack and a dust cover. Type M works on a 4.5 V battery, type MSP can be fitted in a 12/24V circuit. The MSP works when you have contact in the circuit, but if the circuit is unavailable, the battery pack provides power for the standby mode.