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Monitor 7" type MXN-P7DQ 10-30V Quad

Item no. MXN-P7DQ
The MXN-P7DQ is a 7" TFT LCD colour screen (LED backlit) with built-in speaker. This screen type features the very handy option to split the screen to see multiple camera inputs at one glance. You can choose to have 1, 2, 3 or 4 cameras on screen at once. The display offers $park assist$ by means of electronic distance aid e.g. to ease the process of mooring. The screen is equipped with a day/night sensor, which allows it to adjust the luminosity of the screen. By means of the push buttons at the bottom of the screen, you can set the volume, colours, contrast and brightness of the screen. The P7DQ screen features four camera inputs (4-p mini DIN) and one Audio Video input (RCA) e.g. to connect a DVD player. The P7DQ screen is suitable for cameras with automatic shutters and internal heating. The screen is IP67 protect against water and will work best in a temperature range of -25°C and +75°C. Comes complete with a sun visor and mounting gear. All connections are made with the multi cable set, you will not need an external control box.
CE EMC -25 +75