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Monitor 7" type MXN-P7D 10-30V Single

Item no. MXN-P7D
The MXN-P7D is a 7 "large digital TFT LCD color display (LED backlight) with built-in speaker and three camera connectors (4-mini mini DIN). The display is equipped with electronic distance marking (parking lines) for docking or docking Thanks to the day / night sensor, the brightness automatically adjusts as soon as it gets dark. The buttons below the display screen allow you to view an adjustment menu, which allows you to adjust the volume, color, contrast and brightness of the screen The MXN-P7D is ready for camcorders with motorized shutter and camera heating. This monitor is IP67 protected and suitable for use at temperatures between -25 ° C and + 75 ° C. It comes standard with sunroof and mounting material. connections via multi-cable set, an external control box is not required.
CE EMC -25 +75