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Jensen Remote Control type JWR200 Full Display

Item no. JWR200
These remote controls can be used in all exterior applications and can be easily mounted in any convenient location. They are waterproof (IPX6) and can be exposed to sunlight and salt water. With the MWR100 stereo functions are shown on a sunlight readable LCD display. Both remotes have blue button illumination and are CE certified. Installation is easy by means of a spin-on retaining ring. 5.5 metres connection cable included. The JWR200 corresponds with the MWR100, the JWR200 is only suitable for the JMS serie. The Y-cable is necessary if you want to connect a MWR75 or MWR100 remote control to your stereo in combination. When the distance between your stereo and your wired control is quite large, the nearly 6 metres long extension cable can be useful.