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Jabsco drinking waterpump VFLO 5.0 / 12V

Item no. 42755-0092
The Jabsco-V-FLO 5.0 is a pressure controlled water pump. This water pump is equipped with revolutionary new DiMOND technology and can deliver a variable output with constant pressure. DiMOND contains 10 specific modules designed to modulate, evaluate, protect, respond to problems. DiMOND technology automatically detects failures such as dry running, leakage, overcurrent, low voltage and overvoltage. If the problem is detected, the pump will stop. V-FLO is powered by a new frequency regulator, providing the exact amount of water requirement with the variable need on board. The pump is self-sufficiency up to 3 meters, delivering 19 liters per minute and comes complete with straight and crooked tulips and a water filter.
CE ISO8846 Marine USCG