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MW Propeller GL469-4bl.-11"x07"-LH-ø25x60

Item no. GL469L-1107025060
The versatile Gold Line™ standard series propellers will accommodate the needs of most small recreational and commercial craft. The series consists of six different designs offering solutions in 2, 3 and 4 blade configurations. The GL-propellers in this catalogue come with a standaard cone-diameter. Non-standard cones are available (price on request). The GL 235, 352 ,485 and GL 592 are held in stock. For most situations a Mangane Bronze propeller will be fit for purpose. For aluminium ships a propeller made of nickel aluminium bronze (Ni.Al.Br) is necessary. Mn.Br. consist of up to 40 % zinc, which can cause galvanic problems. NiAlBr hardly contains hardly any zinc and is safe to use for any hull. Also in case of extreme cavitation or high workloads Ni Al.Br. propellers are the right choise. Prices in our pricelist are based on Mn.Br. for Ni Al Br there's a surcharge. If there's any doubt about the right material for your ship, please contact our Propulsion sales dept. Blade area D.A.R. GL235-2B : 35% D.A.R. GL352-3B : 52% D.A.R. GL469-4B : 69% D.A.R. GL485-4B : 85%D.A.R. GL592-5B : 92%