Frequently asked questions


Account ► How can I change my account information?

Account information is set in our ERP system and therefore can only be changed by Exalto. Send an e-mail to sales@exalto.com with your request.

Account ► How can I change my password.

You can change your password in "my account". Go to "account management" and click on "change password".

Account ► How do I receive an account for the Exalto customer portal?

Maritime related companies can request for an account. Click on the login button and go further to "contact us". Fill in your company details and you will receive an account a.s.a.p.


Data ► No more FTP-server, how can i obtain all images etc.

When images and product info such as descriptions, technical details etc. are needed you can send a request to marketing@exalto.com. We will then send you the necessary files to fill your ERP, product database or webshop with it. We ocan provide .xml-, .xls- or csv files with all product data and images with item number as file name to make it easy for you.


Webshop ► Ordering and/or uploading doesn't work

If in case ordering and/or uploading an order doesn't work, please check following are the items in the import recognized in the website.

  • does the import contain specials that have been specially ordered (starting with letter "E" followed by 6 numerical digits e.g: E140201) These itemnumbers are for one time use only. Please contact our sales department tot re-order specials.
  • is your browser up-to-date.

Webshop ► Pricing in webshop

When not logged in only recommended retail prices are shown. Would you like to see your net. prices in the webshop, contact sales for an account. After you are logged in your net. prices will be visible within the webshop.

Webshop ► Shopping basket is empty when i open although i have put items in it

Please check your browser and your anti virus software/internet security cookie blocking settings and if necessary add an exception to domain exalto.com