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Exalto wiper 223KG 24V ..° 25Nm glass 17mm

Item no. XA2126
This self-parking Exalto MD1wiper is suitable for glass mounting. All moving parts of the 223KGC are protected by an aluminium housing. For the 223KGO a white or black cover is available. These motors can handle arms up to 450 mm in length and blades up to 500 mm. As this wiper is to be fitted in the glass and has a different drive system from the other wipers, larger arms and blades are not recommended. The wipers have a standard insulated earth return. The wiping angle is adjustable from 40° to 90°, in 5° increments. The motors is insulated earth return standard as well. The 223KGC and 223KGO are only available for a glass thickness of 17 mm or less.