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Camera MXN95C Twin

Item no. MXN95C
These cameras combine two lenses into one housing. The one lens provides a wide 150 ° angle of view for details directly behind the camera and the other lens for a small 40 ° angle of view. The MXN94C is equipped with a motorized shutter with windscreen wiper, which locks the lenses when not in use. Both cameras have a built-in microphone, auto electronic iris and infrared feature that automatically turns on when it's dark. The built-in heating of the cameras goes on as soon as it gets colder than + 10 ° C. You can switch between normal view and mirror image. These cameras work optimally at temperatures between -30 ° C and + 50 °. The camera has a 6-pin connector that includes a Y-splitter that passes from 6-pin mini DIN to 2x 4-p mini DIN. Incl. mounting bracket and sunshade. Optional cable: DINWW6P10M or DINWW6P20M.
CE EMC IP 68 -30 +50