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Bottom type cooler 140- 90

Item no. 700090
The bottom type cooler is an ideal cooling system for pleasure crafts and commercial ships. The steel box is integrated in the vessel's hull. The inner cooling-system is replaceable. Advantages are that the hull remains flat (no piping under the hull) and there's no need for a raw waterpump and inlet strainer. To vent, coolers come complete with a welding elbow. The pipe that is connected to the welding elbow, must be mounted through the hull below the waterline. The bottom type coolers have a brass interior and a completely sandblasted housing. The cooler is standard equipped with a zinc anode(check sailing area of the ship if there is need for another anode material). When ordering a type 140, please specify whether you need the brass ends to have hose connections or threaded ones. All other types of bottom coolers have flanges and are supplied complete with a set of counter flanges and packing material.